Is it possible the birth of man in space

We absolutely do not know how the human body will behave in
outer space (and not in the orbit of our blue ball), completely
looking up from the earth. It is possible that such a gap in general
is fatal to humans, and therefore flying to other planets will require
fundamentally different approaches, other knowledge and completely unknown
today we skills.

However, as many scientists believe, something must start
long space travel beyond the boundaries of his native Earth.
Specialists from the Dutch company SpaceLife Origin, for example,
believe that first of all, if we seriously think about
colonization of other worlds, should study the characteristics of reproduction
man in space, even if at first only in Earth orbit. With this
The goal of the company is to start an experiment that will have to
be completed in 2024.

At the first stage, scientists plan to launch into orbit of the Earth.
female egg and male sperm, connecting them in conditions
space. After fertilization of the egg, it will be returned to
Land and is planted to a voluntary surrogate mother.

This is necessary, says the head of SpaceLife Origin Kees
Mulder, to understand how the unborn child is affected by conception
in space. And only after that you can proceed to the second stage.
experiment – the birth of a baby directly in Earth orbit.

As the journalists found out, even the first stage of this experiment
will require at least 5 million dollars while birth
a child in space is already several times large financial
attachments. However, Dutch scientists believe that the game is worth
dressing, especially if all these costs are compared with today’s
multi-billion investments in space tourism, which, according to
to a large extent, will give mankind nothing but one more species
entertainment for rich people. But their experiment, they say, should
приоткрыть людям тайну рождения человека in space.

However, many world scientists, and in particular independent
the researchers of our not quite simple world, very skeptical
belong to the plans of the Kies Mulder team since the orbital
space and flights to other planets (even our solar system, not
to mention something more distant) – these are fundamentally different
things. At the level of household perception of space exploration, it seems
almost identical, but in outer space, as they well know
practitioners directly involved in the launch of various
research satellites, many earthly laws cease
work, for example, the well-known Newton’s third law – the law
world wide. That is why the experts counting
interplanetary flights of satellites are guided by completely different
reference systems, jokingly saying that yes, this contradicts
fundamental laws of physics, but in another way simply not
it turns out.

At the same time let’s get back to where we started this
a small note, that is, how the human body will behave,
torn from the familiar environment (well-established earth laws), nobody
can’t even assume since the experience of traveling people behind
the limits of the Earth’s orbit are simply not there, not to mention reproduction in
open space. It is possible that a person is in that condition
(developmental stage) in which it is now not at all
capable of space travel …

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