Is Judgment Day nearing for the USA? Sensationalstatement of Japanese seismologists

Center for Seismology, University of Tokyo issued a sensational news
– already next year may be the last for the United States

And you can trust the forecasts of scientists of this Center:
they accurately predicted the earthquakes that occurred this year
in China, India, Iran, and the Mexican government even warned about
the strongest destructive shocks that actually happened here
in September.

So, according to the calculations of Japanese seismologists, in 2018-2019
the chain of volcanoes, the so-called Ring of Fire, is activated
(see the diagram below). It can be serious
earthquakes and the consequences of awakened volcanoes to a whole range
countries – and the main danger is seismic activity
this period for the Americas.

And although the Ring of Fire covers a vast territory, from the New
Zealand and up to Mexico, the worst natural disasters in
next year, according to the Tokyo Center for Seismology,
in North America where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes like
It is said that they will reach the maximum rated power.

With such a study-warning, scientists turned to the UN.
However, experience has shown that governments where
similar cataclysms are supposed, little can be done for
rescue population, not to mention the destruction. This is understandable:
hope for a better outcome, lack of funds for warning
disasters, the passivity of people who are not in a hurry to leave their homes
places and many other factors simply do not allow
by such forecasts, even by 50 percent, not to mention more, on
what scientists are counting on. This is all one useless foresight.
future great oracles. Another famous American
clairvoyant Edgar Cayce lamented that his warnings about
no one takes the coming catastrophes seriously, and if
perceived then people do nothing to avoid
imminent dangers – they are simply not capable of such actions
or something holding them back, perhaps the already accomplished future,
which resists change in every way …

However, Japanese seismologists warn that the current
the activity of the earth’s crust beneath Mexico is only the forerunner in front of more
powerful earthquakes that will occur on this continent in
The near future is likely next year. In that
case, a number of countries captured by the Ring of Fire, and first
all of us, just be erased from the face of the earth.

It seems that neither the United Nations, nor the United States
will respond to this warning. Casey was right about that …

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