Is La Palma island experiencing the last days?

And although the third prophecy of Lucia (as a result of the “divine”
eclipse in the Portuguese village of Fatima) that October 13
this year there will be a collapse of a huge mountain in the ocean, which will cause
terrible in its consequences megatsunami, did not come true, the island of La
Palma on the Canaries and its awakening Cumbre Vieja volcano threaten
to fulfill what was intended, albeit with some delay.

However, accurate prediction dates are another great one.
the delusion of the human mind, as the mediums and sorcerers say,
no one can say to one day when
event seen by clairvoyants.

Currently, Cumbre Vieja volcano is about to explode,
Spanish authorities have even issued a shock card that shows
the most serious tremors in his neighborhood.

Today, they are already more than fifty, and the strongest reached
2.1 points on the Richter scale. True, experts from the National
Geographical Institute of the country believe that small earthquakes
significantly more, their number is approaching four hundred, and this
a real seismic storm that foreshadows a volcano explosion, and
then the death of the whole island.

And in this case it is quite possible that “a huge mountain will fall into
the sea “, as it was shown a hundred years ago, the girl Lucia from
Fatima, after which inevitably there will be a giant tsunami height
up to 1200 meters, which will rush to America and England …

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