Is the Black Death threatening Mira again?

If we turn to the prophecy of the French girl prophet
Kaede Uber for 2018, then one of her main predictions on
the near future is the wrath of the earth, as a response to our sinful deeds.
Therefore, humanity is waiting for not only natural disasters, but also
terrible epidemics.

The first “bells” of the fulfillment of this prophecy, we have already seen
Today. According to the World Health Organization, the world
Black Death threatens again. At least fatal flashes
pulmonary and bubonic plague have already been recorded in several places
Madagascar. The Black Death has already claimed the lives of nearly forty people and
more than two hundred are infected with it.

WHO Representative Dr Charlotte Ndiaye so outlined
disappointing picture for this occasion:

The risk of spreading the plague is quite high because its traces
are present today in several cities of Madagascar – and this,
as they say, only the beginning. I want to note that the mortality of this
illness ranges from forty to one hundred percent (depending on
term of detection and treatment). Moreover, pneumonic plague is transmitted by
the air, why check it, spend one hundred percent
prevention is simply impossible. This is the deadliest disease
suffice it to say that at the beginning of the fourteenth century it died
50 million Europeans …

Currently the government of Madagascar is urgently
closed all government institutions, universities and schools, sending hundreds
teams for treating buildings from rodents and fleas. Any prohibited
public events, including sports.

The World Health Organization, in turn, sent to
the area of ​​the Black Death’s spread is almost one and a half million doses.
$ 15 million of antibiotics – that’s really
emergency funding that shows how dangerous
The threat of the spread of plague around the world. Everything is done to
Today, every person infected with it has access to treatment, and
other people – to protect. This will help not only to save those who
located in the area of ​​infection risk, but also prevent
распространения Черной Смерпти за пределы Madagascar.

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