Isaac Newton also tried to determine the dateApocalypse

This follows from the book by Florian Freisteter, Isaac Newton: Gifts
A ** and Reboot the Universe “, a researcher who for many years
dedicated to studying the letters of the great English scientist, thanks
what came to the conclusion that the latter predicted the date

Newton supposedly was able to analyze and understand many
Christian texts, so that presented to the readers
his script of the end of the world (by the way, the scientist signed such treatises
the pseudonym of Jehovah Sanctus Unus).

According to these treatises, Freisteter claims, by 2060
(key date mentioned by Newton) The Earth “will reboot”, having thrown off
with all the devilish husks, and reign on the planet again
Kingdom of God. True, before this earthlings waiting for this chaos –
terrible wars and terrible natural disasters. However it will be
cleansing moment, after which comes a new era – complete
harmony and universal love.

British scientists fought over Isaac Newton’s letters
over 40 years. Today in the person of Florian Freisteter and practically with
pages of his book they claim that they managed to understand the main thing
prediction of the great physicist, mathematician and astronomer. Insofar as
the end of the world today will not surprise anyone, Newton’s prophecy
(if it was in fact) can be considered another “funny
horror stories “, especially since, in contrast to the intimidation of supporters
the approaching Earth of the mysterious planet Nibiru, the Apocalypse
the great English scientist will come soon. This is
the main, and very pleasant, zest of this foresight …

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