Israeli specialist captured on videoNibiru. The time of arrival of the planet coincides with the ancientby sources

A relatively well-known Israeli film producer, ufologist and
conspirologist Yuval Obadiah reports that he was fortunate enough
capturing on video the legendary Nibiru, also known as
Planet X.

More precisely, the happiness here, according to the expert, is not too
many: potentially deadly celestial body approached us
so much so that it can easily be seen in the sky
to the naked eye. By turning on the video below, you can
see the alleged Nibiru with your own eyes.

The World Wide Web is full of videos and photos on
which allegedly fixed the mysterious Planet X. Yuval Ovadia
is a niberologist with experience studying a hypothetical celestial
body for many years. The Israelite gathered a lot of information about
Nibiru in sacred Hebrew texts. Ancient sources report
that Planet X is critically close to Earth already in this century, and
when the gravitational fields of two astronomical objects begin
to interact, our “blue ball” awaits an unprecedented cataclysm,
which will destroy humanity.

The recording was made over Jerusalem in June of this year,
however, more eminent and authoritative ufologists than Obadiah drew
attention to it only now. Experts have carefully studied the movie and
concluded that it is genuine. However, some researchers
believe that something different from
Nibiru – for example, the spacecraft of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization or some kind of atmospheric anomaly that is not amenable to scientific

Кстати, конспиролог Yuval Ovadia считает, что самым безопасным
place on Earth during rapprochement with the planet Nibiru, will
Israel. In proof of his words, he cites a passage from the Bible,
who recently quoted the British newspaper Daily

It will be Jerusalem. I put it in the center of nations, with countries
Around him.

According to Obadiah, Pranet X will cause a pole shift, hence
All planetary troubles will begin. Most likely this will happen with
November 20 to December 20 of this year. Well, wait and see. The end
the world has frightened us more than once, and we, no matter what, still
hello …

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