Italian, abducted by aliens,demonstrated them in photographs

The 63-year-old Italian, Maurizio Cavallo, claims that his
repeatedly aliens abducted from the mysterious planet Clarion.
Sounds perhaps not too believable, however in confirmation
his words, a man shows photos that allegedly
depicts guests from another world.

Since 2012, our hero has published several
scientific ufological and art books dedicated to their
amazing contacts with “green men”, which Maurizio
calls “cosmic defenders” and “caretakers of the universe.” Here is
what Cavallo says about these creatures:

They are our first ancestors, immortal powerful creatures,
who live on the edge of space. They come from the main source
life where eternity is created. The last time they flew on
Earth from the Eagle Galaxy for 150 thousand light years from us and
briefly took me to her.

From myself we just add that such people who came to contact
with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, there are many in the world, for example,
the most famous of these is the international bioenergy therapist
Categories Victor Korshunov. Anyone who is interested in this topic,
We offer to see an interesting interview with this ufologist, a member
Presidium of the International Movement of the Spirit of Truth. Victor in it
Alexandrovich explains in detail what is our Earth
within the framework of the universe, as members “look after”
Intergalactic Council, whom aliens choose as
a contactee and why, who are “gray” and other aggressive
aliens and why aliens supervising us have no right
interfere in our development, although they protect against aggression from
space. By the way, he also talks about our highly developed ancestors,
living far from the SS in the Universe, but constantly monitoring
human development on Earth. And as far as possible – helping

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