Italian Mystical Island Giola

In the Gulf of Naples, right off the coast of the Italian region
The campaign is a double island (consisting of two halves,
connected by a narrow stone bridge) called Guiola. Isle
attracts tourists and holidaymakers, because it is different picturesque
nature, a great beach, an interesting abandoned villa, and
swim to it – a couple of trivia, because to the mainland, as
it says out of here hand set.

However, in spite of all the above advantages, the island
Gaiola is uninhabited, or rather, no one lives on it, although
it would seem … In addition, any tourist who first came here,
surprises: someone built a luxury villa on it? ..

Italians themselves (local people of Campania) consider this place
damned, calling the mysterious island a killer. According to local
Legend has it that a hermit-magician once lived on Guyola. It was an ascetic,
who lived in a cave and was content with fruits and vegetables that
gave him an island. But one day this wizard just disappeared, and
no one knows what really happened to him. However his
the disappearance was a real curse for the island itself …

True, over time, the true state of affairs began to be forgotten, and
soon there was someone who wanted to settle here – he built on
Gaiola villa. Unfortunately, the name of this enterprising person is not
preserved, but in the memory of the Italians remained a strange story
the death of the owner of the villa – a sudden and it is not clear from what …

It would be possible to write off this demise as an accident, but behind it
followed by a whole chain of the same sudden and strange
deaths of heirs who tried to settle and live in
luxury villa on a mysterious island. All this is what
that Gaiola came to be considered a damn place.

True, it did not scare the rich young Hans Brown, who
bought an island with a villa and settled in it along with the beautiful
wife That was in 1920. Newlyweds were immensely happy
and hoped to live in this corner of paradise indefinitely. But
once a girl went for something to the mainland, and when
returned, then found her lover dead. And the corpse
Hans was strangely wrapped in a bedside rug, while
no traces of violence were found on the body of the deceased
death … even more strange to the locals seemed death itself
a girl who happened a week later – the corpse of Mrs. Brown
discovered in the waters of the bay …

For a long time no one dared to settle on the damned island,
but in the end there was a convinced atheist who did not believe in any
mystical stories, a German by origin Otto Grunbak – died on
the villa is soon short of a heart attack. The same fate befell
another skeptic Maurice Sandoz who laughed at all these
�”Fictional horror” Guyola, but suddenly … finished his life
suicide. And this despite the fact that this joyous least
suffered suicidal tendencies …

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