Italian scientists alerted supervolcano CampiPhlegrey

And although most people in the world today talk about supervolcano
Yellowstone, which is about to “give birth” and bury under the ashes
all of North America, in fact, such a danger threatens
to many countries where the same fire-breathing monsters are, let
now and in deep sleep.

But the sleep of any volcano, according to scientists, is a very
unreliable. For example, Italy’s volcanologists today are concerned
что начала проявляться активность супервулкана Кампи Phlegrey,
located just opposite the world famous Vesuvius,
once buried the city of Pompeii.

Moreover, since the last eruption of Campi Flegrei,
what happened in 1538, almost half a millennium, and in this
The moment the volcano enters the phase of increasing its activity.

Of course, scientists cannot predict with accuracy even to
a few years when this or that supervolcano “gives birth”,
for example, even Yellowstone, which is expected to erupt as
it is said, from day to day, so many people may be frightened
decades, and even more.

По этой причине вроде пугаться супервулкана Кампи Phlegrey не
It’s worth, because he hasn’t shown himself outwardly, if not to talk about
some internal efforts, known only to the volcanologists of the country.
However, experts, reassuring the population, at the same time in narrow
scientific circles agree that this fire-breathing monster can
wake up at any time.

Italians themselves do not really believe in the impending catastrophe, but here
there is one “but”: they have recently suddenly started talking about her
psychics and seers of all stripes, and not only
Italy, but also outside. Enough to remember about this
the prediction of the Kazakhstan clairvoyant Faith Lyon, which prophesies
for Italy, a volcanic disaster next year.

Volcanologists just shrug: they can not guarantee
that the words of the soothsayers are necessarily erroneous because
�The “hanging” state of a supervolcano before an eruption can
last indefinitely and at the same time all this is usually
breaks suddenly and almost instantly. Enough to remember
on this occasion the tragedy of the inhabitants of Pompeii …

Для справки: Phlegreyские поля близ Неаполя считаются крупнейшим
volcanic region not only in Italy, but in the world as a whole. Most
a powerful mega eruption here occurred about forty thousand
years ago, the consequence of which was the volcanic winter on the planet
(perhaps this was the cause of the extinction of Neanderthals).
The aforementioned 1538 eruption was not so powerful, however in
during its formation, the Monte Nuovo slag cone formed.

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