Japan has a unique ghost island -Hasim

At one time, this small piece of land surrounded by the sea was
just bare rock rising above the water, uninhabited
island, which occasionally sailed only local fishermen.

But at the beginning of the 19th century, rich deposits of coal were discovered here, and
остров Hasim съехалось много народа в надежде подзаработать денег.
Coal mining, on the one hand, somewhat leveled the island, and with
the other has even expanded it somewhat, since the rise to
the surface of the unwanted rock was accompanied by its discharge near the shore in
sea. К тому же остров Hasim стал в то время целенаправленно и
artificially expand and complete.

Nevertheless, he remained a tiny island with an area
just 0.063 square kilometers (coastline
only about a thousand meters). And at the same time the maximum density
its population for half a century (the time of the most intense
coal mining here) conditionally amounted to more than 140 thousand
person per square kilometer although in reality on this
only a few thousand coal miners lived at that time

From the uninhabited cliff this island in appearance with time
turned into a kind of armored tanker, although in reality
it was a rather large industrial center of the coal mining industry.
In this “bunker” there were high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals, trade
and pubs, various entertainment facilities and much
other that is necessary for civilized life
item. True, living in tiny apartments, sizes in
a few square meters, more like dorms for
prisoners, it was difficult to call comfortable. But people somehow lived,
they worked, many were quite satisfied with such an existence …

Во время второй мировой войны на остров Hasim свозили пленных,
forcing them to work in the deepest and most terrible conditions
mines – at a depth of 700-800 meters below sea level. No wonder
that most of these prisoners simply did not survive this
slave violence.

The year 1947 was a turning point for this island. Due to the full
истощением запасов угля, шахты в тот роковой год на острове Hasim
were closed, but because the locals had no choice
leave acquired places. Was thrown and everything created on the island
infrastructure. Hasim уже через несколько месяцев превратилась в
ghost island

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