Japanese arrested for using homemadedolls

A resident of the Japanese capital was detained after he tried
проклясть малолетних соседей с помощью dolls.

His act 41-year-old Takeshi Inabu explained by the fact that schoolchildren
they do not let him live in peace with their constant noise and ignore any
remarks. When it bothered a man, he made out of straw
traditional vara-ninga doll and hung it on the nearest pedestrian
the bridge along with the note: “To you, damn tomboy, jumped off
from here and broke. “

Tokian does not hide that he really wants the death of neighbors
children who do not let him relax in his own apartment.
Although there are no laws in Japan that prohibit the use of
black magic due to the fact that no one officially recognizes it,
the police regarded this behavior as a direct threat and
arrested Takeshi. Inabu may incriminate an attempt to render
illegal pressure on minors. Besides,
a man now, most likely, will have to see
a psychiatrist.

Before that, a resident of the Land of the Rising Sun was trying to solve
problem in a more civilized way. He sent a few dozen
complaints to parents and teachers of schoolchildren, however, this is obviously not
helped. Local journalists write that the detainee is
hikikomori – so called antisocial personalities who
lead a reclusive life, but not always
they are in poverty because today
The web. In Japan, such individuals are significantly
more than one million.

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