Japanese artist creates astoundingultra-realistic animal toys

Take a look at the video below. If you didn’t
saw the title of this news, then never guessed that speech
It is not about a living cat, but about the most “ordinary” (of course, unusual)
a soft toy. The author of such amazing works of art
is an artist named Mira from the Japanese city of Tokushima. Him
woolen beasts are so similar to the real ones that they even watch
surrounding eyes thanks to outlandish optical illusions.

The world that has become today a real celebrity in Japanese
social media tells that he discovered art
create unusual soft toys in 2010 when viewing
random tv show. The man was so impressed with
screen creativity that same day began to study on the Internet
subtleties of this skill, then acquired a lot of teaching books.
Now, after 8 years of daily practice, the Japanese have demonstrated
his compatriots, and then all the inhabitants of the earth their
works, and few people remain indifferent at the sight
super-realistic stuffed cats, which is almost impossible
distinguish from living.

According to Mira, the biggest trick of his work is to
to constantly improve their creations. Creating
another toy, the artist leaves it in a prominent place and
taken for the next. Day after day the Japanese are watching their
brainchild and begins to notice the various tiny details that
distinguish wool cat from the present. Then our hero
returns to the toy and continues to bring it to mind.

According to the artist, in this case the limit of improvement
just not, you can work on almost every toy
infinitely, until it really becomes alive …

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