Japanese astronomers have discovered a “sister”Of the earth

Thanks to the data that are sent to Earth specialized
NASA’s Kepler space laboratory, Japanese astronomers for
Fifteen new exoplanets have recently been discovered, practically –
15 new “superterm”.

All of these planets are very large in size.
копии нашей Of the earth, более того все они вращаются вокруг своих звезд
at a short distance, so that their “year” fits into 1 –
40 Earth days.

Unfortunately, the stars of these exoplanets are red dwarfs. but
one of the newly discovered exoplanets may well turn out to be
говорят астрономы, «сестрой» Of the earth, пусть несколько и большей по

Slightly distract and explain that red dwarfs are the most
common star systems in the universe (at least
visible to us). These stars do not exceed a third of our Sun,
moreover, their light is most often 10 thousand times weaker. True,
due to the slow combustion of hydrogen such dwarf stars
real centenarians – up to several trillion years, or even
more. For example, a red dwarf mass of one tenth of the Sun will
smolder in the universe 10 trillion years.

So, an exoplanet very similar to the Earth that the Japanese
scientists have designated as K2-155d, also rotates near red
карлика K2-155, она больше Of the earth в 1,6 раза, находится в
the central part of the so-called “zone of life”, but most importantly –
in its hydrological conditions and climate is close to ours
home planet. That is, it may well exist
biological life. Located K2-155d in two hundred light years from
Solar system

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