Japanese pensioner 30 years friends with a monster fromthe depths

79-year-old resident of the Land of the Rising Sun, Hiroyuki Arakawa, here
three decades friends with the freaky sea inhabitant,
look like an ugly person.

В японской бухте Татэяма на the depthsе 17 метров находятся
ritual torii gates, which are sacred to followers
Shintoism. However, few people know that in this place a large
religious significance originated in the eighties of the last century
friendship between a local diver and an Asian sheep-headed wrasse.

This meeting took place quite by accident. Arakawa commissioned
then go down into the water and take some pictures of the sanctuary.
There the diver unexpectedly discovered a wounded fish, which was too
weak to hunt on your own. Hiroyuki for 10 days
He returned to this place and fed his new friend with crabs.
Guban quickly went on the mend and soon recovered fully.

The diver was sure that one day the sea dweller
forever disappear, but this has not happened so far. Worth
Arakawa come down here, as his friend immediately appears nearby.
Rybin, named his savior Yoriko, loves when
The Japanese pats her and plays with her.

Fish are still considered animals that cannot
to experience deep affection for man, but advanced
scientists of our day do not agree with such an opinion. Recent
studies have shown that these vertebrates are much more
intelligent and social creatures than previously thought. However,
to be convinced of this, it is enough just to believe in the 30-year-old
strong friendship between Hiroyuki and Yoriko. And believe in her very
just by watching the proposed video …

By the way, not so long ago we talked about the friendship of a person with
crocodile which is also incredible in terms of scientific
ideas about these predators. But there are a lot of animals in the animal world.
what is mysterious, and, as it turns out, the man himself established
barrier between themselves and the animal world, a barrier that is easy
destroyed by true love and friendship …

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