Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 “discerned” onasteroid even small boulders

Recent shots of the surface of the asteroid Ryugu taken by the Japanese
Hayabusa-2 probe for six weeks of this space survey
object, impressed even experienced astronomers and other researchers
space. The fact is that the photos were taken from a distance, not
exceeding thousands of meters, moreover, using the best
video equipment that Japan is capable of.

Previously, this cosmic body was shot from a distance above 4
kilometers And now – such an amazing result! Thanks to this on
even small boulders, not
exceeding two to three meters in length. Not by chance on the Internet
there was even a joke: how did it happen that Scott Waring before
so far I have not found traces of presence in these cool pictures
aliens or aborigines.

But jokes are jokes, but Japanese experts are now,
thanks to the received images, the landing of the probe is calculated on
an asteroid and unfortunately come to the conclusion that it will be done
not so easy.

Scientists even managed to measure Rugu gravity by sending their probe.
in free fall from a 20-kilometer altitude and stopping it on
around 850 meters. After that, Hayabusa-2 without any problems included
двигатели и поднялся на высоту 5 kilometers However it allowed
Japanese specialists predict the difficulty of planting and
make appropriate adjustments.

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