Japanese robotic puppy touchedweb users

Famous Japanese corporation Sony showed residents
USA latest model of its robotic puppy Aibo,
endowed with sophisticated artificial intelligence.

New for some time sold exclusively in the territory
Countries of the rising sun, now the manufacturer decided to expand
its market is also for America. In the United States, the cost
electronic pet is 2899 dollars, which makes it
quite an expensive acquisition.

Aibo is a complex device that looks and
behaves almost like a real puppy. The robot is equipped with many
sensitive sensors that allow him to see and hear, as well as
respond to people’s touch. He is able to execute commands
memorize and recognize faces, explore the world around and

In addition, each such electronic dog laid
ability to develop your own unique character. Therefore,
let’s say after a year of use you can hardly find two
robot puppies that behave in the same way.

According to Sony representatives, their new brainchild is
not just a fancy toy, but a real companion for
modern man living in a big city and not having
ability to keep a real dog. Say, Aibo is good because
that there is no need to clean up after him, he never spoils things and
shows aggression.

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