Japanese robots photographed mysteriousobject on asteroid Ryugu

Two miniature Japanese robots – MINERVA-II1A and MINERVA-II1B –
made a successful landing on 0.92 km in diameter
near-earth asteroid Ryugu from the Apollo group. Devices are located
in excellent condition and transmitted from a distant celestial body
a lot of interesting data, including photographs.

Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring looked through the received
mini rovers shots and unexpectedly discovered on a random image
something very unusual. When approaching the asteroid one of the robots
I photographed it from afar, and just in this picture
imprinted quite a large object, noticeably towering above
Ryugu surface. The mysterious find is enough
symmetrical, which is very suspicious and contradicts the known
the laws of nature.

According to Waring, a 130-meter object looks like a kind of mask or
even the skull of a living being. Many fellow researchers considered
as if this anomaly is more like any
futuristic construction. It remains to hope that the Japanese
rovers explore the object and reveal this little secret of it, and
JAXA specialists, unlike NASA, will not hide anything from
world community.

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