Japanese schoolboy draws UFO

Japanese social media recently reported that the 13-year-old
schoolboy Haruya Ido literally attracts unidentified
flying objects.

The teenager himself shows considerable modesty, so for now
refuses to show his face to the Internet. However,
a young Japanese posted on the network a few of his photos. Only for
this year our hero has photographed at least 30 mysterious
objects in the sky that could theoretically be ships

�”Ufologic boy,” as his compatriots call him,
apparently has telepathic abilities that
attract aliens to it, flying off on their vehicles to
Earth child, like wasps on honey. Well, a student every time
conscientiously takes pictures of his “flying

Famous Japanese ufologist Toshitaro Yamaguchi, the first
read the pictures of a young man, calls Ido a classic
a contactee entering into a psychic relationship with representatives
extraterrestrial civilizations. Yamaguchi, on his own, and himself
is one of the individuals who are actively interested
�”Green men”.

Unfortunately, there are not so many on the web yet.
information about Haruya Ido. However, judging by how much attention he
attracted by Japanese ufologists and ordinary inhabitants, we
surely still hear about a teenager with alleged abnormal
abilities. If he, of course, does not lose them with age:
This happens…

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