Japanese space probe flew over threebillion kilometers

Automatic interplanetary station “Hayabusa-2” launched
Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency December 3, 2014
years, overcame already, according to scientists, over 3.2 billion
kilometers After a 3.5-year journey, the probe approached the site.
his destination – the asteroid “Ryuga” from the Apollo group. Diameter
this celestial body, 2.8 billion away today
kilometers, is about 900 meters.

�”Hayabusa-2″, according to the Japanese idea, will pursue
an asteroid a year and a half, having made three attempts to take a sample of its soil,
which will subsequently be delivered to Earth. First try
to sit on the “Ryuga” will be undertaken by the interplanetary station already
coming fall. The researchers hope that in the resulting soil
traces of organic matter and water, or even more valuable substances,
which hypothetically could be mined from asteroids.

It is noteworthy that the “Hayabusa-2”, moving in space with a huge
speed in the literal sense of the word travels to the future, according to
the well-known theory of relativity proposed by Albert
Einstein in 1905. This is a minor movement in
time, just a few seconds, in relation to us. Other
In other words, if the Japanese space probe had been
on Earth, he would have “aged” a few seconds more than during
such a journey …

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