Julian Assange has published a strange encryption:conspiracy therapists are at a loss

Australian online journalist Julian Assange (Julian
Assange), the founder of WikiLeaks and the world-famous proponent of the theory
world conspiracy, now five years hiding from the powerful world
this in the embassy of Ecuador in London, yesterday published on his
Twitter is a very mysterious message, clearly encrypted,
which literally shocked all conspiracy therapists.

What would it mean? A strange set of numbers and letters that
It is impossible to read and understand without having a key to this text.

As supporters of Julian Assange believe, this is a certain throw.
secret information of an experienced journalist who in the coming days
put the key – and then everyone will understand not only what
wanted to say assange, but also what he really possesses
secrets of world significance that people throughout should believe
the planets.

Conspiracy theorists may write, Julian, in this way
warns of impending serious global catastrophe. After all
not for nothing that the US President Trump a week ago publicly stated that
The present state of the world is the calm before the storm. Is Julian
Assange knows when this calm will end and what a storm is waiting for.
modern society? And all this while – encrypted in this strange
journalist message.

As far as can be judged on the previous scandalous statements
Julian Assange, he always relied in them on reliable facts. AND
all these statements concern the dirtiest politics in the world, which is why
the founder of WikiLeaks has to sit in four walls
embassies, since he has long been hunted, and not
only the authorities of Great Britain, but also of the United States (these,
it seems interested in the destruction of a disagreeable journalist of all

Well, waiting for the key, that is, a new message on Twitter from Julian
Assange, and the development of further events, which are so mysterious
hints scandalous journalist …

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