Julian Assange tweeted the cipher anddisappeared

Australian internet journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange, better known recently as scandalous
supporter of the theory of world conspiracy, why he even has to
hiding from the powers that be in one of the embassies in London 1
January, on his Twitter page, left another encryption and
загадочным образом disappeared.

Approximately the same encryption Julian Assange published 15
October last year, that remained a mystery for
conspiracy – what and to whom he wanted to say something? And now
A new 60-digit code of letters and numbers that cannot be understood without
key. True, this time Julian left some clue in
as a link to the Paper Planes clip with popular singer M.I.A. In this
song composition she says that she has all sorts of data
and more information than the KGB.

From some lines of the song, for example, from this – “If I
stopped at the border, I can always find the right visa ”,
conspiracy theorists have concluded that Assange went to the United States.
True, on the Internet, it spreads the information that
Julian Assange is already killed, and encryption is a stuffing like “emergency
buttons “, and it may be followed by the publication of top-secret
data, which the Internet journalist, of course, always had
and he certainly has something to say to the public in order to
to stir the whole world – not for nothing that he has to hide from
Illuminati in the Embassy of Ecuador.

RT journalists made several attempts to contact
representatives of this department in London, however its employees
nothing concrete was reported, that is, to clarify the situation
failed so far. Something serious is brewing …

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