Jupiter and Venus change the Earth’s orbitapproximately every 400 thousand years

Science has long proved that our Earth, at least in
the past two hundred million years has gone through four clearly marked
geological periods, which we call the Triassic, Jurassic,
Cretaceous, Cenozoic, and Pliocene – the largest glacial
period. Similar “cataclysms” seriously changed on the planet.
flora and fauna, contributing to the development and
improvement of various types of flora and fauna.

All this was connected somehow with the change of the Earth’s orbit under
exposure to Jupiter and Venus. Recently in an article published in
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, scientists
told that geologists under the leadership of Professor Dennis Kent
(pictured) from Rutgers University — New Brunswick first discovered
The undeniable evidence of these geological changes, i.e.
We found samples of rocks that actually “write down”
on tape “happening on our planet.

This is what Professor Kent himself says about this:

Climate cycles are associated with the influence of Jupiter and our planet.
Venus, and major changes are repeated every 400 thousand years.
Moreover, such changes, as shown by geological deposits,
stably manifest over hundreds of millions of years. I.e
celestial mechanics play a dominant role in climate change, and
Means and plant, animal world on Earth.

What does a new discovery study do? According to scientists, this
allows you to create today such geological and climatic
maps that will contribute to more accurate prediction
global changes on Earth in the future, for example, determine
the exact date when the change of the poles of our planet will come, oh
which many independent researchers are trumpeting today, in
including conspiracy therapists foreshadowing the approaching Apocalypse.
However, in fact, everything is much easier – you can foresee
future global disasters are fairly accurate relying on scientific
data, not the words of magicians and clairvoyants.

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