�”Kalashnikov” presented a futuristicelectric “Moskvich”

Famous Russian concern “Kalashnikov” presented a concept
own electric car “CV-1”. Light blue car is very
its appearance is similar to the Soviet liftback Izh-2125.

Amazing novelty was demonstrated recently on
International Forum “Army 2018”. It is reported that such a miracle
engineering is able to drive on a single charge up to 350
kilometers, which is a very impressive figure.

According to the representatives of “Kalashnikov”, a unique electric car
designed to compete with popular electric vehicles
American company Tesla under the leadership of Ilona Musk. By
at least in the Russian market, which is currently
desperately needs inexpensive and high-quality electric cars
domestic production. Statistics says that while in our
the country has only two and a half thousand
electric cars.

The reaction of users of the Runet to this innovation was
ambiguous. Some Russians are looking at the idea of ​​producing “CV-1”
optimistic, arguing that in a car, the main thing is not external beauty, but
reliability. Другие убеждены, что electric “Moskvich” никак не
will be able to compete with the “Tesla”.

Meanwhile, the haunters of English-language sites, surprisingly,
perceived the offspring of “Kalashnikov” much more positively. According to
According to most of them, auto has an attractive
retro-futuristic design, which favorably distinguishes the “CV-1” on
background of many other modern machines.

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