Kamchatka: the most dangerous and mysterious placesof this amazing edge

A distant and mysterious land is Kamchatka. Edge to the same
virgin, still poorly understood and almost untapped
by man. No wonder there is a lot of mystery here,
number and dangerous to human life.

Deadly Lake Fumarole

There are a lot of volcanoes in Kamchatka, the landscapes around which are literally
mesmerizing with its some piercing beauty. No exception
in this plan is the lake Fumarolo at the foot of the volcano Uzon,
which is more like a huge bowl of hot water hovering on
cool air.

And indeed, even on the surface of this unique reservoir
fluid temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius, and in
depth – the water just boils. This is the hottest lake in Russia.

The name of the reservoir “Fumarol” can be translated as a source
hot gases, but it would be more correct to say – the source
poisonous gases, because the haze over this lake is just not
harmless parka from hot water, and various gas formations,
deadly for all living things. For this reason, to the lake Fumarole
there are not even paths – neither tourists nor hunters with
fishermen, rare visitors to the mysterious reservoir – scientists who
explore not only the lake itself, but the influence of the volcano on it

The pond is relatively large, about 600 meters long and 300
meters wide, its depth reaches 25 meters. Besides he
so beautiful that it is difficult to tear off the eyes, however, to admire it
the lake is better in photographs or videos, without approaching this
natural “trap” – deadly!

Death valley

Who does not know the famous Valley of Kamchatka geysers (see about her
video below), it is in this fantastic in its beauty and
The contrast of the spot in the Soviet era was a wonderful film.
�”Sannikov Land.” However, few have heard that quite
not far from this life-affirming valley is another – the Valley
of death.

The most interesting thing is that until the mid seventies of the past
For centuries, even nobody knew about this terrible place. First, Kamchatka
огромна и малоизучена до сих пор, а Death valley не такая уж и
a large one is about 2 kilometers long and half a kilometer wide. AT
1975 году в этот опасный каньон случайно попали лесник AT.Каляев и
вулканолог AT.Леонов, изучающие Кроноцкий природный заповедник этого
the edges. It almost cost them their lives. AT последующие годы сюда
Many expeditions of scientists have been trying to understand that
This valley kills animals and birds, including humans, if
he will be so careless that he will not leave the black spot as much as possible

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