Kazakhs demonstrated a book ofhuman skin

Among the Kazakhstanis, a book from
дубленой human skin, выставленная в качестве экспоната в
National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Here it passes now
exhibition of rare and amazing books and manuscripts. See edition
16th century bound in human skin can any visitor
Exhibitions. Although there are enough volunteers,
For many of them, this value is truly disgusting.

In 1532, a certain scientist donated his body to
after death they made this manuscript. In those days it was quite
common practice. People of science, wanting to perpetuate themselves in
stories eagerly took that step. For example, doctors are very
symbolically sought to make textbooks on their skin
anatomy. Today, such rarities can be found in museums and
Libraries of the United States, Australia, France, UK
and some other states. It is noteworthy that none of these
books are not considered damned or inhabited by the ghost of a scientist,
donated for her skin binding.

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