Kemerovka suddenly realized: ghosts do notit happens

The owner of the largest domestic entertainment
resource “Picabu” under the pseudonym ManiaMay published on the site two
�”Mysterious” picture of their own authorship.

According to a resident of Kemerovo, she walked home along Michurin Street and
unexpectedly noticed in the window on the second floor of a certain house a ghostly
figure with luminous eyes. Surprised woman hurried to get it
mobile phone and take a picture of the alleged person coming from

Then our heroine possessed a reasonable curiosity. It came
closer to home and with chagrin I realized that it was no
a pecker is looking out of the apartment, but the usual
paradolic illusion. Darkness behind someone’s semi-naked
the curtain formed a silhouette that looked like a fat ghost with
with small hands, and for shining eyes, an eyewitness took the shades

The Russian woman for the second time captured someone else’s window on the camera and
subsequently laid out both images in Runet. They say that
sometimes it may seem like an impressionable person. Users
�”Peekaboo” this simple little pseudo-history, however,
I liked it very much.

That’s how people die in horror movies and not only
in the films, one commentator noted. They will see something terrible and
they are going to find out what it is, and there the real
nightmare. This curious woman was just lucky …

The story would have gained an interesting twist if
the ghost in the window suddenly blinked, and even better – jumped into the street
and ran after this curious woman, joked the second, unfortunately,
�This time the “omnipotent director” made a blunder …

Kemerovo itself was very pleased with its discovery:
привидений просто не it happens, все это иллюзии, наши собственные
fears and malfunctions of cameras. Picabu users
they wished her to remain in this ignorance as long as possible: it’s easier
live. Although boring …

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