Kindergarten for adults opened in Saratov

In Saratov on the eve of the New Year opened the first kindergarten
for adults. Specify that in Russia it is the third such
institution, the founder of this good tradition in our country has become
the city of Novosibirsk, where kindergarten for moms and dads opened by Eugene

Lead programmer and just a man with a capital letter, great
understanding how important it is for the soul, even for a while
carefree happiness, Eugene caught the main thing – where and how can it
do without much effort. Now his example has been followed.
Saratov virtues.

And let some Russians, especially from among the youth,
perceive such an undertaking as a “stupid venture” or at its best
case as a joke, in fact kindergartens for adults like
psychologists say, a great future is in store. After all, this
the technique is easy and, most importantly, with optimal time and
means, allows you to clear the mind of an adult from his
problems, contrived experiences and negative emotions, plunging into
The world of childhood is a world full of harmony and happiness.

In the kindergarten for adults, everything is arranged, as it should be:
semolina, casserole with jam, pancakes and even milk with frothy.
However, this is not the most important thing, here moms and dads can, as in
childhood, play cubes, drink something from plasticine,
draw with colored pencils, sit in the sandbox, portraying
culinary creativity, and much more that is remembered –
as the best in life.

In addition, the program of such a “preschool institution”
provides for choral singing, outdoor games, say, hide and seek or
catching up, dancing, walking in the fresh air with snowball games and
much more, certainly interesting and exciting.

But “adult children” mobile phones and tablets are left for
outside of this amazing oasis of childhood, gadgets here are just
do not bring, and if they bring – certainly turn off. It’s tough
rule, for violation of which you can please – in the corner. Yes Yes,
it is this punishment that is still practiced in kindergartens
Rosiii, have not forgotten him in this fabulous institution for mothers and
dad …

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