Kostromichi discuss the photo with the ghost of the missinggirls

Kostroma group of social network “VKontakte” published
mysterious photograph, taken on October 10, 2010. None
less, only now, seven years later, the author of the picture suddenly
I found something unusual and frightening in the image.

A mysterious photo shows a group of holidaymakers in Malyshkovsky
the forest. At first glance, this is an unremarkable shot, however
on closer examination one can notice
translucent yellowish figure, similar to a woman with long

Some users of the social network immediately thought it was a ghost
Natalia Kravchenko, who disappeared in Kostroma in 2009. A girl
searched for about 3 years, and in 2012 in the forest found her remains, as well as
a few personal items. Moreover, the mystical image was
received at a time when the missing was still being sought.

Commentators suggest that the spirit of the unhappy prompted in vain
vacationers where you need to look for her body. Subsequently, the body
Kravchenko was indeed discovered not far from this place.
The cause of death of Kostromicka remained unidentified.
It may be worth looking for in the photo and a hint what is in
really happened to a girl? ..

It was not there, skeptics argue that this is just
fancy bush, smoke from the fire, or even photo montage. That’s
try with such clever men to reveal the secret of the possible
crimes …

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