Kung Fu Master sets a record forbreaking bricks with bare hands

Obviously, everyone has heard or even seen the masters
martial arts break bricks with your head, bare hands or
kicks. However, often such unique persons also compete in who
will demonstrate in this case the most amazing result.

It was a similar record the other day that Kung Fu master Wang Hua set
from China, which is in Bijie City, Guizhou Province
demonstrated incredible human abilities. Fighter just for
37 seconds managed to break a hundred bricks, thereby beating his own
last year’s achievement almost doubled.

Wang Hua is considered one of the best and most promising masters.
martial arts of the Middle Kingdom, which, apparently,
really does not stand still, improving their skills,
endurance and the pursuit of excellence. After all, a true fighter
Kung Fu, as the Eastern wisdom says, is like a god, and therefore to him
subject to the physical laws of our being, which he may even
modify as you see fit or as needed …

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