Kuryanin discovered the “remains of a stranger” in an abandonedthe building

Beginner industrial tourist and urban explorer from
Kursk may have discovered the remains of an unknown science creature in
one of the abandoned buildings of his native city.

In August of this year, the 16-year-old Dmitry Brezhnev visited
together with a friend of the old greenhouse near the school number 52 and recorded
in her extension video. During their outing, young people do not
they saw nothing unusual and were soon forced to leave so as not to
attract the attention of adults.

However, a few days ago, our hero decided to revise
the video clip he received that day and suddenly noticed something quite
strange on these frames.

When the camera is heading to the floor at a certain point
structures, there you can see the body of an incomprehensible creature,
lying in the midst of dust and debris. There is nothing
surprising is that the Kursk have not noticed the alleged anomaly
during his raids, the mysterious remains were hardly distinguishable in
twilight on the dirty floor.

According to the author of the video, he has no idea who can
belong to the corpse.

Brezhnev, however, notes that the body with a large elongated
head, sharp teeth and thin long paws suspiciously
resembles a predatory alien cub from the famous series
sci-fi horror films “Alien”. Almost exactly so in
These pictures look like an intermediate stage between the so-called
�”Slaughterhouse” and an adult dangerous alien.

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