Kyshtymsky Alyoshenka alien


In the Chelyabinsk region near the town of Kyshtym in a village in 1996
On August 13 a very unusual and strange creature was found. Him
found the old woman Tamara Vasilyevna Prosvirina. The creature was like
on a premature baby, his height was 25 cm, the skin was
unnaturally white in color, his head was a pointed shape,
eyes were particularly prominent, the size of which was similar to large
buttons from the coat. The creature’s pupils, too, were unusual –
narrow, feline. In place of the lips was a small silk with two
teeth The body of the alien was covered with fur, and on
legs and arms were claws. Baptized creature: aleshenka

For some time Prosvirin looked after Alyoshenka, but she was soon
recognized crazy and sent to hospital. For Alyoshenka
there was no one to look after, and he died. Body of alien creature
Found a local thief. He gave it to the investigator. Amazing
the appearance of the “kid” inspired investigator Bendlin to give it to
examination. Examination of the body involved a pathologist Samoshkin, he
made a sensational conclusion: the creature “Alexis” does not have
direct relation to man. Aleshenka’s fate
alien is unknown.

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