Ladybug helps to create fundamentallynew design umbrella

The prototype of the modern umbrella of rain and sleet has appeared
in our world over a thousand years ago. Of course, at that time he was
not at all like today, for example, could not take shape in
small case that can be thrown even in the ladies
handbag, however, and the modern design of the umbrella is quite

This is understood not only by manufacturers of umbrellas, but also by themselves.
users, especially when they have to use data
device in strong winds. In this case, the umbrella is often
inside out, which leads to inconvenience of use
them, and to break his metal structure. Although sometimes
there are more serious cases, after which the umbrella is practically
Can not be repaired. It is not by chance that people tend not to try.
use umbrellas in strong winds, but sorry …

This is exactly what Japanese engineers, who have long been
eyeing the design of the wing of the Ladybird beetle, which we all
call “ladybug.” The fact is that the transparent wings of this
insects are not afraid of the wind, because they are arranged in a fundamentally different way,
than a modern umbrella, and at the same time this colorful bug without
labor folds (packs in compact origami-folds) its
wings under their smart shell.

Umbrella of the XXI century

However, until recently, designers were prevented from understanding the principle
the wrapping of the ladybird’s wings, because its sheaths hid
this moment – and it was impossible to tear them off, because after this the beetle
became crippled, incapable of demonstration, how could he
straightens and then folds its wings.

The problem was solved quite simply: Tokyo experts
University of Industry and Science Transplanted Transparent “Cow”
elytra (from a special resin), after which they were able to trace the entire
process, write it down, study it and start to work based on it
over the brand new type of rain umbrella.

Understanding natural mechanisms helps scientists create
truly optimal designs, for example, by strength and
elasticities spied on spiders weaving their inimitable
spider webs And now all of us favorite “ladybug”, it seems,
ready to give a new type of Japanese designers
an umbrella. At least, experts are sure of it.
Tokyo University. And we are waiting for umbrellas of the XXI century …

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