Lake Baikal will turn into the ocean in the future

Siberian geologists report that after about 20 million years
Eurasia – the largest continent of our planet – will be split in two.
The split, according to estimates of domestic scientists, will occur according to
the most voluminous fresh lake of the Earth, that is, on Baikal.
Employees of the Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, as well as
Novosibirsk State University experts are convinced that at this place
in the distant future will be the ocean.

Russian researchers have long been studying the history of Lake Baikal,
tectonic processes occurring in it and the accumulation of sediments in
Baikal rift zone. This zone is a deep rift.
crust, having a length of about 1500 kilometers and
extending from southwest to northeast. Here,
presumably, the earth’s crust diverges. Baikal
the rift zone, according to scientists, is slowly but steadily
expanding, and somewhere in 20 million years it will lead to
that Eurasia will be split into two parts. So you can
conclude that if our country will remain by then in the current
boundaries, it will also be divided in two by two
by the ocean.

It is worth noting that previously no one has studied the topic so seriously and
не делал похожих прогнозов по Baikal rift zone. Besides
Moreover, now all this information has been translated into English
and became available to foreign scientists, who can
contribute to the study of this issue. Foreign experts
it is already said that the loss of Baikal is the largest natural
reservoir of fresh water – will become an irrecoverable loss for the Earth and
of humanity. If our civilization, of course, is still alive
after so many centuries.

However, by that time, it’s possible that on our planet
one civilization, and one that is destined to survive the process
separation of Europe and Asia, not even guess that humanity
foresaw this catastrophe 20 million years ago …

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