Lakes near Samara unexpectedly purchased pinkColour

Three small artificial reservoir in the Samara region
unexpectedly acquired a strange pink hue, becoming like
something fabulous from a children’s cartoon. Locals turned out to be
very surprised and even frightened by such a metamorphosis, taking
to build various theories regarding the causes of lake staining.

Of course, people immediately suspected that they were all released into the water.
any chemicals. Near the reservoirs just
there are large industrial enterprises like
pig-breeding complex, tank farm and concrete plant. District
authorities, however, claim that no hazardous emissions and
no leakage occurred.

Выдвигается также гипотеза, что вода окрасилась из-за Colourения
algae and bacteria that produce red pigment.
True, why did this happen suddenly, because no one had ever
no one has noticed this, even long-livers, no one can explain –
neither scientists nor local fortune tellers …

Meanwhile, the news has flown to foreign publications like
British tabloid “Daily Star”. His reporters suggest that
all the fault may be phenomena of a much more unusual nature.

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