Land on the threshold of the Small Glacialperiod?

Some scientists believe that the Earth is on the threshold of Small
the glacial period that was last a few centuries
back, and therefore the cause is not even human activity, which led
supposedly to “global warming”, and regular cycles in development
of our planet.

Signs of an approaching cooling, for example, the other day
felt the people of the us states of alaska and even
Montana, because there suddenly (in June something!) Snow fell.

So, Alaskans woke up the other day, and – around the snowdrifts, like
in the winter. Snow cover in some places reached 8 inches, and
so I had to even clear it up by turning on the snow removal
technique, well, and shovels, of course, went into action. That’s what it says about
This resident of Eureka Lodge Darla Phimpel:

Snow flew from the very beginning of June, but it was all light
discharges, but June 11 piled on snow just like in the winter months.
It is so unusual that we, the locals, are surprised
We observe such an anomaly in nature – before this did not exist, according to
At least I don’t remember that.

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