Large triangular UFO flying overNew Jersey

Three mysterious fires that formed a large triangle flew
across the dark sky over the american city of Cape May, state
New Jersey.

The author of the video below writes:

Our daughter was doing an evening jog on the beach and suddenly
noticed something strange in the sky, then immediately called us with
wife We went to the balcony of the hotel, which we were in, and
We were surprised to see three bright balls that formed an even height above.
triangle. I immediately took my cell phone and captured it.
inexplicable phenomenon on camera. My spouse and I exchanged views
about the incident and came to the conclusion that we were lucky
see an unidentified flying object, apparently huge

Some World Wide Web users who have read these
personnel, they considered that we are talking about “TR-3B Astra” – a mythical
a triangular stealth plane, created by the US military,
presumably using alien technology.
However, the information about him is very contradictory, if only because
The United States never used this super-weapon in action, although they did not
Such scrupulousness in choosing a strike against an opponent looks like. Enough
recall dropped atomic bombs on Japanese peaceful cities
Hiroshima and Nagasaki, although at that time the Americans themselves didn’t even
worked and did not know the consequences of the use of the atom for military purposes.
Do they have now completely different aircraft
(alien) principle of action, they would certainly
demonstrated it, although used in Syria. But for some reason this is not
going on …

So the assumption of the “TR-3B Astra” may be erroneous.
Then what flew over the American city of Cape May? ..

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