Latest Martian virtual discoveriesarchaeologists

Virtual archaeologists collect their unique finds not in
earth, and in the pictures, why so nicknamed. However, their exhibits from
This does not become less interesting. Moreover, if not
inscribed in the canons of orthodox science, these exhibits
academic scientists are not taken seriously or simply
hush up, like, say, the skeletons of giants found by real
archaeologists in many parts of the earth.

See, there is something in common between those and other researchers,
when it comes to “fried facts”. Video channel Paranormal
Crucible posted on YouTube hosting video, which collected
последние марсианские находки виртуальных archaeologists — и они вновь
sensational, and therefore absolutely not interesting to the orthodox.

Immediately attracts the attention of the object, very similar to the skeleton.
And if the bones can with a stretch be called stones, then the skull of this
the martian monster is clearly bone and it belonged maybe
such a creature (see photo below).

Among the latest finds of online researchers were also:
the skull of a dinosaur (or an animal very similar to terrestrial reptiles,
who lived millions of years ago), then comes the “alien ship” – in
Anyway, the object is clearly not of natural origin, but the most
intriguing it seems in this collection is a huge object or just
a stone of a very strange shape, which is why ufologists suggested that its
can be attributed to man-made formations. That’s just what it is
why – remains a mystery. Maybe the Internet users
Any thoughts on this?

See, draw your own conclusions, share your own
assumptions, because if virtual archaeologists are extraterrestrial
diggers, then all other web users are their unbiased
judges, prosecutors and certainly lawyers. And even passionate

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