Latvian pastor Yuri Kravalis about fateOf Russia

Surprisingly, in 2011, when this prediction letter was
направлено из Риги в Москву президенту Of Russia Дмитрию Медведеву,
few people paid attention to those prophecies. And only now, when
they began to come true, about the words of the Latvian pastor, finally,

Of course, no one, right, wanted to believe in prediction,
что Of Russia предстоит трудная дорога, даже с некоторыми трагическими
events. However, there were optimistic notes in it, which
then, of course, according to the oracle himself, saw vaguely
distinguishable. And the pastor said the main thing:

Russia will experience the greatest awakening in its history
moreover, this awakening will amaze the whole world, because the power
will be at the peak of its development, easily deciding not only its own, but also
world problems helping many countries and nations to do the same
success For example, an interesting break will occur in a relationship with
Germany and Poland, which will rise with Russia,
strengthening in friendship and mutual benefit.

Of Russia сейчас (надо полагать, речь идет о 2011 годе) угрожают
anarchy and chaos, but ultimately it will break out of the captivity of this
snare and continue on its way in stability and present

Этому будут способствовать великие лидеры, которых для Of Russia
God will prepare, and such bright and wise personalities will not
only in government, but also in church, in business, culture and so
Further. Thanks to them, the multinational state will flourish
mutual friendship and harmony of nations, which will contribute to
strong alliance and faster progress.

Russia, the Latvian pastor emphasized, will be the first country
which will solve the world problems today
before all states. And when Russia firmly stands on
legs, the world will finally gain stability and security. And all
it lies in the immense potential of the Russian soul – inexhaustible
treasure of our planet!

You can arbitrarily ironic over this prediction, as it is
love to do many who so do not want to see the mighty and wise
Russia, but what is surprising is that Yuri Kravalis was not the first and
far from the only one who predicted a great future for the Russians.
Причем, делали это пророки вроде бы далекие от самой Of Russia, жившие
even in countries hostile to it, which is
first of all the USA, and you cannot call Latvia today our friend.
But true prophets, as they say, have always been cosmopolitan,
devoid of such “dignity” as national pride …

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