Launch of the innovative James Webb telescopedecided to postpone

If you, like many other people interested in space,
count the days before they start out soon
the most powerful and innovative space telescope in history
humanity, then we have some sad news for you. To wait
will have a long time. Before the output of the orbital infrared observatory
�”James Webb” remained about a year, but now NASA has decided
postpone the launch of the advanced device in the spring of 2019.

�”James Webb”, designed to replace the Hubble Space Telescope,
will have a composite mirror with a diameter of 6.5 meters (against 2.4 meters
at Hubble) and a heat shield area with a tennis court.
The observatory will be placed in halo orbit at the libration point of the L2 system.
Sun-Earth. A project involving 17 countries of the world will serve
to observe the planets and small bodies of the solar system,
discoveries of new stars and galaxies, search outside the Earth for water
worlds and all forms of life. The cost of the project is almost
8.7 billion dollars.

According to NASA management, the reason for the launch delay lies in
integration of parts of the observatory inside the ship. She took where
more time than American engineers planned
national space agency. As a result of this, “James
Webb will not leave our planet next year, but in 2019. Wherein
It is noted that no technical problems with the telescope
observed, and the transfer of the date of his spacewalk caused by objective

The fact is that this observatory is much larger
and technologically sophisticated compared to its predecessors.
Installing “James Webb” inside the machine that delivers
telescope into orbit will be much harder and take longer
of time. The observatory, for example, requires the installation of 100 special
each of them requires careful
verification. If at least one membrane fails, “James
“Webb” will not be able to fully function – and then huge
money, as they say, to the wind, that is – into the bottomless space.

In the US National Aeronautics and
space exploration report that the new window to launch “James
Webb is being chosen today. This responsibility falls on the shoulders
European Space Agency – his “Arian-5” will be
a booster rocket that will be honored to display infrared
observatory to Earth orbit. Launched probably
will be from the launch pad in the French department of Guyana.

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