Lazy beetle that surprised entomologists

Not so long ago, entomologists discovered a new species of beetles, describing
which, and giving it a name, scientists came to some
confusion and amazement – as far as all the same in nature
there are amazing phenomena.

These beetles live in termites as prizhivok, because
never leave their own limits for a minute
unusual habitat. So over time, these insects
completely lost wings and the ability to fly. Moreover, they
Were not really needed, and eyes, but because they have lost them.

But the most amazing thing is that these beetles, no longer than three
centimeters, so “lazy” that forgot how to independently
move, practically “forcing” termites to carry them, for
there are even special growths on the body of insects,
resembling pens. It is for this reason that a new species of beetles received
the name “Suitcase Beetle” (Eocorythoderus incredibilis).

Eocorythoderus incredibilis eat mushrooms, which are many
near termite mounds. They multiply slowly because they eat
a little and more “sleep”, why they do not bring any termites
harm, although they are essentially parasites.

But why do termites care for these parasite beetles, even
moving them from place to place? It turns out insects have learned
to emit a smell imitating one that is inherent in termite larvae, and
because the latter so touchingly care about beetles, carrying them
for the handles actually go where you need them. Here is such an interesting
a case of parasitism, when the parasite itself, as scientists say in jest,
lazy just to “can not” …

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