Leading astronomers present factsthe existence of the planet Nibiru

Leading astronomers of the world, analyzing the location and orbits,
on which eight planets move, and also other small celestial
bodies of our solar system, came to the conclusion that there is at least
at least five evidence of the existence of the ninth planet, and
For all parameters, it fits the description of Nibiru.

For example, scientists at Caltech
Pasadena Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown have calculated the position
Planet X, remote from the Sun, according to their calculations, at 41 billion
kilometers and weighing ten times more than the earth. In this one
The revolution around our Luminary Nibiru makes over 15 thousand years.

However, astronomers have not yet found the mysterious ninth planet.
SS in space. True most powerful telescope “Subaru” that
located in the Hawaiian Islands, whose leadership allowed
Batygin and Brown spent a week looking for Nibiru, let this team
tireless researchers to collect a lot of pictures, which now
they are trying to find Planet X, or at least to establish
its exact finding and clarify its real characteristics.

In addition, astronomers hope that by working on
the Subaru telescope, they will be able to understand where Nibiru came from,
is she a native “inhabitant” of our SS or is it coming
guest from another star system.

In any case, says Konstantin Batygin, all the oddities
planets and other objects of our solar system can be explained
only the presence in this model of Nibiru. For example, dwarf bodies
Kuiper belts rotate in the opposite direction compared to
the eight major planets of the SS, besides the orbits of small objects
in a strange way strongly inclined to the “pancake” of the main rotation
planets All this contradicts the classical model of construction.
star system. And because only adding Planet X to it can
explain all these oddities.

As they say, the case remains for the small: to find this mysterious
Nibiru in the infinite space of space. Find, so that one
hand, prove to conspiracy therapists that her current threat to life
our blue ball, which they blow all over the Internet,
too exaggerated, but on the other – to calculate whether this
mystical planet is able to drastically change the situation in
The solar system, approaching the star, and if so, then
when can it happen …

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