Legendary pilot Amelia Earhart ategiant carnivorous crabs

Amelia Earhart was a famous American pilot and
a writer. This aviation pioneer became the first woman
independently flew over the Atlantic Ocean. She wrote
A lot of popular books and significantly influenced the appearance in the world
a large number of female pilots flying on equal terms with
by men. In the name of Amelia Earhart called several space
objects, as well as a variety of vehicles, awards,
events and institutions.

In 1937, 39-year-old Amelia attempted to commit a dangerous
round-the-world flight in a light twin-engined plane “Lockheed
Model 10 Electra, but failed. Aircraft
completely disappeared in the central part of the Pacific Ocean, not far from
Howland Islands. Neither the wreckage of an airplane, nor the bodies of Earhart herself and her
No navigator was found. Life, career and mysterious (still
still not solved) the disappearance of pilots to this day attract
attention of historians.

Missing searched many warships, including the battleship
�”Colorado” and the largest at that time aircraft carrier “Lexington”, and
also 66 aircraft. The official version states that Amelia Earhart and
Fred Noonan fell into the ocean, where they died. According to another hypothesis,
The Japanese Empire secretly shot down an American plane and captivated a couple,
after which she was executed in Garapana prison during World War II
of war. Now researchers have a new death theory.
Earhart and Noonan, and this version will seem to some more

The crab version cannot be considered absolutely true.

Experts report that the pilot and navigator may have survived
the plane crash and a short time were on
remote desert island. Exhausted without water and provisions
Americans could be victims of very unexpected enemies –
giant coconut crabs living in the western parts of the Pacific and
Indian Oceans. The length of such arthropods may exceed one
meter, and the weight is more than 5 kilograms. If desired, especially
A large adult can bite a man’s hand into a hand. BUT
if a lot of them?

Land coconut crabs, also known as palm thieves,
prefer to eat the pulp of coconuts, but these creatures
are omnivores. Sometimes they devour carrion, other crustaceans and even
small animals, and in the video below you can
contemplate how such a monster easily copes with a seagull. Even
если BUTмелия и Фред умерли прежде, чем пальмовые воры добрались до
them, the crabs could well eat the remains of the unfortunate and
take them all over the island, as they often do.

Experts still hope to find the skeletons of the missing, however, if
here coconut crabs are really involved, then this is unfortunately
may be impossible.

On the other hand, supporters of paranormal theories speak, and
where is the plane? Where did even the smallest of his tracks? And how much in
BUTтлантике таких загадочных исчезновений , неужели все их можно
write off to crabs and other predators who, by the way, do not eat
ships, no planes? That is, the materialists found another version.
исчезновения BUTмелии Эрхарт, но она, как и многие другие, выдвинутые
earlier, it cannot serve as a 100% explanation of what
80 years ago actually happened to this legendary flyer and her
comrade …

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