Legendary skunk monkey filmed onmarshes of florida

Although the video below was taken
back in January 2015, she is only now truly
interested cryptozoologists and researchers of supernatural
phenomena on the web. An American named Matt told me that he shot these
mysterious shots at Lettis Lake Park on the outskirts of Tampa,
Florida, when sailed through the local swamps by canoe. Swimmer even
did not know that he would face something that day

At some point, a man suddenly noticed between the trees
high dense figure covered with dark wool. At first our hero
I thought that I came across a grizzly bear, but I quickly remembered
that such animals in these places have never been born. When
the creature on the shore began to move, Matt was surprised to realize that
in front of him is a certain ape-like creature the size of a gorilla or
even bigger. Needless to say, the humanoid primates
not found in the wild in North America. Amazed american
hurried to get a mobile phone and capture the alleged
cryptide on camera.

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