Leopard can handle a domestic dog.far from always

Of course, the average domestic dog compare with this
a large wild cat that is stronger and much more agile than a dog,
difficult. However, as practice shows, victory is not always won.
the one who is stronger than the body is still important both courage and strength of mind
an animal.

The video below shows the moment when in possession
private cottage located near the Indian city
Kotagiri (Tamil Nadu), late at night a leopard penetrates and
kills the dog, then carrying it away in the teeth in the form of its prey.

The dramatic moment is captured by surveillance cameras. how
can be judged by the roller, the dog, of course, small and very kind.
She had a premonition of trouble and asked for the house, but the owner of the cottage
found her missing only in the morning. According to him, he heard barking
his home friend, but did not attach any importance to this – not the first
time. In the morning, not seeing the dog on the spot, he looked at the records.
DVRs and figured out: look for your pet already

It seems this poor dog had no chance of escape,
If the owner did not come to her aid. But what is interesting is that
For example, in the same India in the forestry of the district of Rajgarh, a leopard attacked
on a puppy (see the video). However, a nearby dog ​​is rather
of all, mother, defending her child, fearlessly attacked
predator and even seriously bitten him, why wild cat
retreated, limping on one paw.

Similar incidents in India are not uncommon, wild animals
often, in search of food, they visit private property, which is why
departments of one or the other district of the country
periodically (after another attack of wild animals) contact
to citizens with warnings so that people are alert and not
out of the house after sunset. Unfortunately, in these
As a rule, there are no words about domestic dogs,
which also need to be protected from predators …

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