Leshego was captured on video in Russia

A very unusual detail got on the camera of one registrar.
from the Russians. It is not known where and when this particular place took place.
the incident, however, by the number of the car driving in front
what happened in our country. It is reported that a group of holidaymakers
returned from nature and accidentally filmed
a mysterious creature that showed its head between two growing
dirt road trees.

The video below shows a large dark head.
watches cars passing by. Creepy face seems to be
slowly turns toward cars. Some
commentators report that they have considered small horns on their foreheads
unknown creature and even some strange black smoke
enveloped this mysterious figure. Unfortunately, the quality of the video
not tall enough to view the essence better.

Some netizens believe that Russians captured
this snowman entry. Others argue that this is no
not a bigfoot, but a real forest spirit, that is, Russian goblin.
Still others assume that this is a formidable demon from the netherworld.
Skeptics, of course, have their own explanations for what happened.
Someone from the materialists says that it fell between two
trees the trunk of a third tree or a parasitic mushroom, someone thinks
that the blame in the forest was a joker in a mask (the most
implausible version). In short, there are various theories
car and small truck, however, to confirm any of them is not
seems possible.

It is known that the motorist, whose registrar recorded
the supposed leshey or yeti had no idea
about what he was given to photograph, until he returned home and
looked through the resulting video there, and even then not immediately. Not out
that the mystical stranger could not be seen with the naked eye.
Researchers of supernatural phenomena not without reason say that
Some paranormals can be caught exclusively in a photo or
video, while our eye at best captures it all
side vision …

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