Let’s hear volcanic thunder

The fact is that during the eruption of volcanoes, they constantly
lightning strikes, so there must be thunder. However, to hear and too
all the more write it down because of the natural roar of the volcano itself and
constant explosions, which is accompanied by an eruption, just
extremely difficult. And for the first time, American scientists managed to
make therefore the rarest peals of volcanic thunder now
we can listen to you too.

Researchers have chosen a volcano for their experiment
Theological, which is part of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Behind
several kilometers from it were installed supersensitive
microphones and … the hunt for a unique thunder began. She continued
more than a year, but the main thing – was crowned with success.

According to scientists, the most unusual (also clean)
volcanic thunder was recorded on March 8 and June 10 last year.
These days, a huge volcano burst out of the mouth of the volcano.
the amount of ash that has been hanging in the air for a relatively long time
after when the fire-breathing monster calmed down. At that time
Sensors recorded lightning in a column of ash. Comparing them by
time with audio recordings that microphones gave, the researchers
realized that they finally managed to do the almost impossible –
record volcanic thunder

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