Lifespan is encrypted in outlinehuman faces

As it is known today, the duration of a person’s life depends on
telomere lengths – special protective protein complexes at the ends
chromosomes. The length of these telomeres during life decreases, which
according to researchers, and is the cause of death “in old age.”
In rare immortal living organisms, such as lobsters,
telomeres are restored, and so these amazing lobsters
theoretically can live forever if they do not die from predators
or the hands of the same person.

But Professor Evgeny Chernosvitov, who is considered
international social medicine expert sure
human life span is encrypted not only in his
telomeres, but is also reflected in facial features. Moreover, allegedly
the accidental death of any individual does not affect the length of the telomeres,
but on the face you can read it.

The fact is, the professor says, that the left and right halves
human faces are different from each other. For example, if you
take a photo and “divide” it in half with a mirror, connecting
so the two left or two right halves, then surprisingly
find that your faces are completely different from
the original.

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