Lightning strikes a rainbow, then falls down.mysterious dark object

April 21 this year, a resident of the English city
Bridgewater in Somerset was videotaped during bad weather. Megan
Taylor was particularly interested in the rainbow in the sky, in which
suddenly they began to strike lightning. It was very beautiful and unusual
therefore, the woman decided to show later such “heavenly wonders” to her

But then something even stranger happened. From the sky suddenly fell
incomprehensible dark object, well imprinted on the presented
below frames. It goes without saying that Taylor received
the video not only showed to relatives, but also sent to
UFO organization, thanks to which the record became available
Internet users. To date, it looked already
tens of thousands of interested people.

Skeptics, of course, felt that it was simply amazed
electric discharge bird, but ufologists adhere to another

So, the famous British UFO researcher Nigel Watson
carefully studied the record and concluded that the captured
an eyewitness object is artificially created. Perhaps it
there was an ordinary drone, which was actually hit by lightning,
disabling the device. Watson does not undertake to assert that speech
It is about alien technology, but it also assumes this. BUT
along with him so many other users of the World
spider webs

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