Lightning struck a mysterious triangular UFO

Popular British ufologist and conspiratorologist, active
the researcher of all mysterious in our world, Tyler Glockner,
the leading YouTube channel “Secureteam10”, shared with its
subscribers of another curious material. Specialist
says that he received an unusual picture from a Croatian resident
villages Petrcane. The girl photographed a recent thunderstorm, and in
a certain moment a bright lightning hit the lens of her camera
struck directly into a mysterious object, it is not clear where he came from
the sky.

An unidentified flying object captured by a Croat had
flat triangular shape and it seems lit up (brightly flashed)
due to the defeat of a powerful lightning electrical discharge. At least
least, so concluded Glockner and the author of the frame.

A ufologist, who has carefully studied the image, believes that it is
about the aircraft of representatives of some extraterrestrial civilization.
Although the intended alien spacecraft
got a tremendous charge of electricity, he probably wasn’t too hurt
and easily managed to fly away after that heavenly incident. By
at least, no crashed “flying saucers” in
Croatia has not been detected recently.

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