Lightning struck right at flying footballball

Famous Australian football player Eddie Betts
recently demonstrated a truly amazing blow to
ballу, когда отправил его в воздух во время грозы. Unusual case
occurred at one of the Adelaide stadiums during a recent
training football team.

When the weather turned bad, and the training turned out to be broken,
athletes began to slowly leave the field. Betts, however,
решил сделать последний удар и навесил ball, желая попасть по
to the gate. However, the football projectile did not reach the goal, because
he was struck right in flight by lightning.

A rare incident was captured on camera by a team of Betts.
Turning on the video below, you can see it.
�”Little miracle” with my own eyes. Frames also demonstrate how
the football player and his buddies fall to the ground in fright, then,
exclaiming enthusiastically, run off to the side.

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